PTB "Real Raw & Uncut" Podcast eps 1

THE PTB "REAL RAW, & UNCUT" Discusses popular trending topics, relationships between men & Women and we'll as Jewels to Live your Life By.

Starring Presents the Best Tv's own ~ Priscilla @priscillatx | JC The Light @jc_the_light | JJ Mattise @jjmattise | Bigtime @therealbigtime


Myss Parker

Song: The Plug

Reppin: Indianapolis, IN

Instagram: @IamMyssPaker


Eastside Crackhead

Song: Test Your Work

Reppin: NYC

Instagram: @EastsideCrackhead


Diamond D

Song: Diamond D

Produced by: DJ Scratch 

Repping Bronx, NY

Instagram: @DiamondDDITC


A1 ft. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign

Song: Always