The Evolution of Eastside Crackhead

Welcome to the world of Eastsyde fka Eastside Crackhead a former homeless drug addict from the streets of New York City, who happens to be a phenomenal rapper, an a internet superstar with millions of views across the internet. Eastsyde deliverers the brash tails of his lifestyle through his superlative music and captivating personality. Look out for his highly anticipated debut album: "Pipe Dreams" coming soon... arts and entertainment definition arts and entertainment management salary

DEADASS - Music Video

EASTSIDE CRACKHEAD (music video: DEADASS) with cameos from Seth Curry, Meek Mill, French Montana​ Chinx, Bow Wow, Cam'ron, Waka Flocka, Anthony Davis, J Prince Jr. James Harden, and more...

Directed by: Bigtime CèO  

Production: Live it Up Qualitainment  

Record Label: Live it Up Hooductions LLC

TEST YOUR WORK - Music Video

Test Your Work one of the greatest record concept since Eminem's "Stan," The Notorious B.I.G "Just Playing (Dreams)," and the Nas masterpiece "I Gave You Power." Test Your Work is a comedic, shrewd call out of the most successful rappers who've glorified the selling of narcotics in their music and of known celebrity drug users. The candid, creative, word play of the song is sure to shock the world.  Eastside is destined to move pass the ills of his past, get his life back on track.


Eastside Crackhead

Listen to a Sneak peak of the soon to be release smash single from Eastsyde: REALLY

Pipe Dreams Docu-series:

Pipe Dreams is a Docu-series about former homeless, internet rap phenomenon, Eastsyde formerly known as Eastside Crackhead as he fights to live a sober lifestyle, regain the respect of his family, and finally become a rap superstar with the help of his Manager Bigtime. and rap star supports. Produced by Presents the Best TV & Live it Up Qualitainment. click video to watch the trailer/ click link below to watch more episodes:


It's been one hell of a year for Eastside Crackhead. The self proclaimed "best rapper in the world," is now seven months clean, he plans on taking on the world. "I think about the big picture, like, I wanna see me on billboards. I wanna see me change other people's lives," he tells us in this exclusive clip.

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PIPE DREAMS: The Album coming soon

courtesy of: Live it Up Hooductions LLC

Contact: Live it Up Management 


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