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Live it Up Hooductions LLC

Recording Label | Management  | Writer | Producer | Engineer

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Lavishè Clothiers ®

Creative Director | Head Designer | Manufacturing | Fashion House

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The Revolution Will Be Televised

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Producer / Writer / Director / CO-Star


PTB Live

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The Adventures of Crooked Pedro

Producer | Writer | Co-Star | Director 

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Live it Up Sports

Summer of 2019 will begin the inaugural season which will host youth tournaments and teach the fundamental skills in basketball, media and broadcasting. 

Bigtime CèO ® ~



    Knighted Bigtime CèO pronounced (CeeO) as an adolescent for his flashy flamboyant style and ambitious leadership qualities in the infamous streets of Brooklyn, NY help make this creative visionary, and multifaceted protagonist behind a multimedia conglomerate, philanthropic group, and fashion institutions.

His father is a worldly traveled musician from the successful R&B group “The Drifters” and is cousins with R&B Legend Stephanie Mills the passion for music flows though his blood.

Growing up in New York City during the renaissance of Hip Hop Culture he was completely enamored by the culture and it became his way of life.

During this time he would also find his love for Basketball and became a street ball, and high school star averaging 21 points and 11 rebounds per game at 6’ 3” playing center his senior year, earning him multiple college scholarship offers.

Studying business management during his collage stint he began to engulf himself into his other passion music, owning and operating music studios in-house and commercial, which prompted him to start a recording label / management company named Live it Up Hooductions LLC and begin writing and producing music for himself and others.

After deciding not to pursue a career as a music artist for himself anymore, he began developing and signing artists, his most noticeable signee was as he like to refer to as his “high risk high reward” artist a rapping homeless, drug addict named Eastside Crackhead. The unlikely duo began to build a friendship and Bigtime decided to support him in his journey of getting off the streets and changing his life for the better. He begin filming this journey and produced a docu-series named “Pipe Dreams”. The docu-series was picked up by WordStar Hip and aired weekly on the platform featuring guest appearances by Meek Mill, Waka Flocka, Cam’ron, and Joe Budden just to name a few. 

The two are currently working on his album titled "Pipe Dreams" and a name change to Eastsyde and completely shocking the world.


Bite by the acting bug he began pursuing acting roles, and for two years of being an extra on a multitude of film he felt he wasn’t getting the type of roles he desired. 

Being inspired by the likes of  Jay-Z, Master P, and Tyler Perry, Bigtime decided to control his own fate by not only Executive Producing but retaining ownership his projects he would develop while providing not only opportunities for himself but other aspiring talent. 

In 2007 he started a film and television production company named “Live it up Qualitainment ®” and began to write, produce, and direct, a feature film which turned out to be the “street acclaimed” comedy “The Adventures of Crooked Pedro” a story about a low budget pimp struggling with his lifestyle and surviving in Brooklyn. 

Feeling like he was never truly given an opportunity from “the powers that be” in 2012 he decided to start a company that gives aspiring talent these opportunities to showcase their abilities and gain additional exposure, by connecting them with brands and established professionals for once and a lifetime opportunities to help them succeed, through his web platform Presents the (PTB)


After witnessing so much exceptional talent and excellence associated with his culture in 2018 he decided to build the premiere platform to celebrate these amazing people and projects and develop it into a Television show that will refine the perception of the culture “Presents the Best TV” which airs weekly on BRIC Network and is currently nominated for 3 awards showcases what’s new now & next in entertainment, fashion, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle around the country. 

Hailing from the fashion capital of the world and the winner of his high schools yearbook “best-dressed award” the fashion conscious Bigtime noticed many of the high end clothing company’s whom he loved and supported rarely gave opportunities to people that look like him even through they were their biggest consumers and promoters. He decided to start his own clothing line featuring innovative designs and high-quality fabric blends, which manufactures out of Columbia named “Lavishè Clothiers”. The line will be sponsoring artists, athletes, and his latest television productions PTB and  Live it up Regardless.

The love of basketball never left him and his desire to teach and make sure youth didn’t make the same mistakes he did within his basketball career he began to start coaching first in recreational leagues around Brooklyn, to becoming an assistant coach at Transit Tech High School in New York Cities top high school division known as the AA.

Wanting to take his sports teachings and vision to the next level in the summer of 2019 “Live it Up Sports” will begin its inaugural season which will teach youth the fundamental skills of basketball as well as broadcasting in media.

Look out for this juggernaut because his ambitious doesn’t seem to allow him to be something other than great!

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In 2018 he decided it was not only time build the premiere platform celebrating the excellence of Hip Hop Culture but also redefine the perception of the most influential culture in the world. 

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